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Send whatsapp message from Excel Sheet Using VBA

This article shows you how to send a WhatsApp Message in VBA / Visual. You can send free WhatsApp messages to Whatsapp user unlimited numbers in just one click and without adding contact. This VBA code written by Mr. AKumar (Excel Expert). he is visiting faculty of 99Excel.Com.


Send WhatsApp message without adding Contact

Following Steps to send WhatsApp message from your laptop/pc without adding contact.:

  1. Download this sheet from 99Excel.Com
  2. Login your web whatsapp on Google Chrome
  3. Add all numbers in Column “A” on which you wants to send the Whatsapp message
  4. Change your text or url in Column”C”, after “Text=”
  5. Type numbers in Column “E1”, how many message do you wants to send
  6. Click on Send Message Button
  7. Process will be Start automatic for sending message one by one and 1 Whatsapp message will be send in 28 second
  8.  “All Submitted” message after sending all messages.
  9.  Enjoy!



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